Stay Small Think Big, Achieve The Extraordinary


Since when did a B2B technology event trend on social media by 10am in the UK, and lunchtime in the US? Since Oracle MBX 2018, where content went real-time and took awareness to previously unimaginable levels, reaching over 100 million people globally.

The Context

Historically, Oracle targeted a live, physical audience by running large-scale global events to attract a large number of attendees. Previously, this worked well for an enterprise audience, but in a world where existing customers and prospects have less time, smaller travel budgets, and with a new, midsize audience in the mix, large-scale was becoming less practical and difficult to target with precision.

The Challenge

The objectives for MBX 2018 were simple. Firstly, to create a smaller, more targeted physical event; then, to amplify the physical event using online activity, all with the goal of obtaining maximum reach and increasing the number of Conversation-Ready (CORE) leads.

The Solution

The solution was to create two events. Firstly, a thought-provoking, inspirational physical event, tightly targeted at the C-suite, the second, an interactive, deeply involving digital event, appealing to a wider, line-of-business audience, globally.

A team of social media influencers was hand-picked prior to the event. These people are some of the biggest names in technology media, with a collective social reach of over 100 million followers.

The Results
People Reached on Social Media
1 in 6
Attendees became a lead

There were over 4,000 physical registrations and 415 CORE sales leads were generated at the physical event. 10 speakers sessions and 63 films were recorded onsite and the target of 5,000 online registrations by October 2018 was 20% complete on day 1.

MOI developed an extremely inventive strategy to create some big results from a very small event – and with a small budget. Superb job!

Hugo Whicher, UK SaaS Marketing Leader, Oracle