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What is
Intelligence Applied’?

Intelligence Applied puts your data to work, to give you the First Marketer Advantage.  It combines your data with the best 3rd-party insights. Act on the opportunities you’ve had on your radar for a while and new ones your competitors haven’t yet seen.

We apply a set of principles that, when applied to common marketing challenges, deliver precision plays. These enable Sales and Marketing to quickly engage with audiences, markets, and accounts—in the right way.

Intelligence report

A B2B Marketer’s Guide to Data Creativity: The 2024 Report

We surveyed over 270 B2B marketers from the UK, North America and the Middle East to understand how they’re using data. Their responses—along with expert insights—framed our report.

Read it to explore how you can embrace data to win big at ABM, become the hero of growth spotting, drive Marketing and Sales alignment and create customer-centric content at scale.

Intelligence report

To give you the
First Marketer Advantage,
we build solutions which are:

Why use
Intelligence Applied’?

Our expert strategists and analysts give you an unbiased view of your target buyers, deliberately focusing on practical actions which Marketing and Sales can use together.

We sit outside of the siloes and systems in which our clients operate. This enables us to package insights and recommendations which feed the overlapping goals of Sales and Marketing, based on our experience with all our global B2B tech customers.

Outstanding. I can see this resulting in millions of dollars of business.

How Intelligence Applied
can work for you

benefits of working
with us

Data on a plate

Feed your teams data-driven recommendations to pursue the best-fit opportunities.

Data in a gift box

Arm yourself with the data to justify commitments to brand, demand, and ABM projects that previously felt out of reach.

Data in a trophy

Measure the success of your ‘data-led opportunities’ for reporting to the business.

We help you identify and pursue opportunities with a range of outputs:

Target account dossiers

Competitor landscape assessments

Sentiment analysis

Key contact psychometric profiles and engagement recommendations

B2B market research surveys and reports

Hiring and filing analysis

Social listening reports

B2B message testing

Custom account prioritization engines, dashboards, and scoring models

B2B audience insights

B2B market insights

Bespoke research projects

How it works


Tell us what you want to achieve


We’ll tell you how we can help and how the engagement would look


We’ll share examples of previous work along with a quote

MOI is proactive in suggesting innovative, new ways of doing things to improve brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. I would highly recommend working with MOI

Sr. Manager, Global Digital ABM, Cyber Security provider

Clients who use our Intel Practice Services

Clients who use our
Intel Practice Services

Deploy the First Marketer Advantage in your next project.


What is the extent of an engagement with MOI’s Intel Practice?

Our projects range from straightforward account deep dives and key contact personality profiles that need a quick chat and a simple brief, to bespoke research projects that involve multiple stakeholders in your business and several rounds of collaboration. You don’t need to be an existing MOI Global client and we’re experienced in all aspects of B2B enterprise technology.

Our team will let you know how complex it is to get the answers you need to drive the results you want. With any project, our focus is to make it easy for you and your team — we do the leg work and give you the ‘so what?’ insight, so you can take advantage of opportunities we identify.

What’s the lead time on an engagement?

Your simplest asks can be turned around in just 24 hours (Think: “Can I have a personality profile and engagement recommendations for this CIO?”).

Account dossiers, market, audience, and competitor insights typically take a few working days.

Custom projects, dashboards, and research pieces can take a few weeks, depending on their complexity.

In which markets and countries do you offer these services?

We have offices in London, Texas, New York, Dubai, Sydney, and Singapore. So, we operate in most EMEA, NAM, and APAC markets. Depending on the nature of the ask, we can deliver insights in other regions, too—get in touch.

I target a niche industry or buyer. Can you still help me?

We’ve delivered insights on every role from run-of-the-mill CIOs, to obscure players in the metaverse, to companies manufacturing food additives. No matter how niche the buyer or industry, if you’re selling technology to a business, we can most likely help. And if we can’t, we’ll tell you up front!

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