On the road to digital

The Context

DXC Technology’s “On the road to digital” campaign delivered an account-based experience (ABX) – rooted in ABM – that successfully targeted key decision-makers.

To sell technology to a business, you’ll need to get their CIO on your side.

They’re an important part of any business but creating marketing that effectively targets them means finding a way past their gatekeepers.

The Challenge

Yes, getting the C-suite’s attention is a monumental task. Nevertheless, under pressure to make the right decisions, they do want to hear from you… if you have something valuable to say. So, how would DXC know exactly what to say to each target account?

The Solution

The only way to target the right people, in the right way, and at the right time, would be to create an account-based experience. For that, we turned to our ALIAS team.

Using detailed research into decision-makers and cross-departmental collaboration, they got the data needed to create bespoke business cases for each account.

This informed aspirational stories on the savings and opportunities that each account could expect by going more digital – which were told through carefully chosen channels, including targeted social, retargeted display, email, direct mail and phone.

The Results
Accounts engaged

ALIAS has brought a fresh approach to our ABM strategy. Their highly targeted and differentiated programs have delivered incredible ROI, both in terms of pipeline and close. They are a great team to work with.

DXC Technology