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What I’m Looking Forward to at This Year’s B2B MX

Every year there’s a shiny new object to focus on at advertising and marketing events. Industry, landscape, and technology are fast-evolving—these days, it’s always “The Year of the X.” 

Given the changes we’ve seen to AI, privacy, and social, as well as disruptions to media consumption and rapid shifts in B2B strategy, in 2023 I’m anticipating a lot of debate around multiple topics. I’ll be seeking out deeper conversations around measurement and bridging brand and demand—those have always been my hot buttons. And I imagine many of the sessions at B2B MX will find their way to these topics, too. But most of all, I’m excited for in-person meetups, animated discussions about what’s working and what’s not, and connecting with others with a passion for B2B. So today I’m laying out my top 2 sessions for each day of the event! 

Avoiding Growth Plateaus by Aligning Your Brand, Demand, and Loyalty Efforts | Monday 2/27, 9:30–12:00 

We’re often challenged to capture demand while optimizing toward both awareness and lower-funnel KPIs—a contradiction if ever there was one! We also see a desire for leads as an instant gratification tactic and means of capturing marketing attribution, even though the actual problem is what happens farther down the funnel. 

So in a world where CMOs and agencies alike are being held accountable more than ever, I’m cautiously optimistic about this workshop. My hope is that I’ll walk away with a refreshed perspective on the ideal mix of channels and tactics and the methods for better impact measurement, having networked with other industry professionals who share these common pain points. 

Making Strategic Investment Decisions: Clari’s Practical Approach to Good Data and Attribution | Monday 2/27, 15:30–16:00

There’s an inherent irony in our industry: We have massive amounts of data, tools, and platforms at our fingertips—yet mess-less attribution always seems just out of reach. 

I’m surprised this session is only a half-hour—we could easily spend a whole day on this topic and barely scratch the surface. But I’m hoping to walk away with a more well-rounded perspective on how to simplify and optimize a tech stack, and a better understanding of best practices for multitouch attribution modeling, particularly in the context of present industry-wide challenges like walled gardens, privacy controls, and the phasing out of cookies. 

Well, There Goes My Buyer’s Journey… | Tuesday 2/28, 8:45–9:30

The buying cycle has changed beyond recognition over the last few years. Full-funnel “leveling up” is now necessary when developing GTM programs with growth in mind. 

Yet what does the buyer’s journey actually look like today? It’s definitely not linear anymore—but what is it? Who can identify it best—first-party data, data providers, research partners? How does it differ between one buying team and the next? How should content strategies adapt? How can marketing programs better serve the needs of the customer or end user? I’m hoping to leave this session better informed not only of where the buyer’s journey is, but of where it’s going, too. 

Now That We Have Your Intention: How Buyer-Level Intent Data Will Transform Your Marketing | Tuesday 2/28, 12:20–12:50 

“Intent” is quite the buzzword these days—and I’m not convinced it’s useful. So many players out there claim to have a unique approach to intent—identifying, capturing, scoring, activating—but aren’t they just wrapping up the exact same concept with different-color bows? 

In this session I’m excited to dive into how to interpret intent, what we should and shouldn’t be paying attention to, what constitutes a valuable intent signal, and how we can best leverage that data to inform business and marketing decisions. 

Less Is More: How to Maximize ABM Strategies in a Down Economy | Wednesday 3/1, 11:30–12:00

Our clients face economic threats, and they’re always going to want us to maximize efficiency. But more than ever, being efficient is now an organic requirement, especially for AB programs, in which measurement shouldn’t be tactical—that is, last-touch, or attributed to sales over marketing—but rather should be holistic. But precisely how to make this happen is far from obvious. I’m hoping this session will lay out the real differentiators for being efficient, effective, and different from what most of us know when it comes to driving value. 

The Audience Is the Algorithm, and Bravery Is the Answer | Wednesday 3/1, 13:45–14:30

This is described in the program as a “bold, hilarious presentation”—let’s hope so! But that aside, it’s true that much of B2B is often considered boring—and rightly so, in my opinion. How do we resonate with those B2B professionals we’re paying so much to get in front of? How can we (to quote the description again) give ourselves “permission to find the edge, tell bigger stories, and break through the sea of sameness that envelops most of B2B communications”? 

Killer Content Awards Ceremony | Wednesday 1/3, 14:45–16:00

Oh, and last but not least, I can’t wait for the Killer Content Awards Ceremony. 

Why? Because MOI Global has a submission, of course! Wish us luck! 

And remember to look out for my post-event TLDR recap of my biggest takeaways from this year’s B2B MX! 

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