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The MOI Global of 2025: A Different Type of B2B Agency

Things are evolving at lightning speed here at MOI. With our vision, growth, and industry renowned Turning Heads™ approach to creative marketing solutions, we’re on track to become the world’s largest independent B2B agency sometime next year. But we’ve already got our sights set on even bigger plans over the next three years—and we can’t wait to see who we meet along the way!

There was an undercurrent of excitement and optimism as MOI Global returned after a well deserved festive break. Because we’re growing at an astonishing rate—right now it feels like we’re welcoming new marketing specialists into the fold every day! And our clients have never been more eager to see the creative strategies we’re innovating for them.

For my money, these amazing transformations are down to a fundamental repositioning of MOI’s vision. And to round off our three-part series on the past, present, and future of MOI Global (the first two blogs penned by our cofounder Murray Watson and longstanding director David Haward), I wanted to write a little about our journey beyond traditional agency boundaries. How are we achieving this goal? By uniting marketing services and business consultancy, with a view to developing long-term strategies that support and advance our clients’ goals—not only in marketing but across the entire enterprise, too. We want to innovate solutions to the most pressing B2B challenges faced by every member of the C suite.

Of course, we can’t achieve this kind of growth or realise this level of ambition without a serious recruitment drive—but as our energetic, forward-thinking global team grows by the day, everything is slotting elegantly into place. Across countries, regions, and continents, we’re leveraging a divergent thinking framework to bring together the brightest minds in emerging tech, data, analytics, media, and content to create tangible, positive change for our clients.

Our vision? Simple. Be the agency that redefines the business of creativity as the catalyst for
B2B growth.

As part of this vision, we draw on our Turning Heads™ philosophy to creatively solve clients’ business challenges, helping them differentiate, transform, and grow. Moreover, we’re redefining what it means to be a B2B agency, and shaping MOI into the B2B agency of 2025.

The vision is all well and good—but why should clients care?

Because we’re revolutionising the B2B customer experience—and redefining it as business

As our customers pivot to digital-first, we need to help them remodel their businesses and transform the experiences and buying journeys they offer their customers. Their existing models can’t meet the demands of the future. They need new skill sets, processes, and infrastructures. It’s this state of transformation across B2B that’s driving MOI Global’s evolution into a consultancy, an agency with a fundamentally different approach. We still help our clients with their traditional marketing to keep the lights on—but now, we’ve also got an eye firmly on the future, as we help them restructure and move from old-school models towards those that will differentiate them in an increasingly competitive and unpredictable business landscape. No more siloed events and campaigns. The business experience of 2025 will see different decision makers—even within the same purchasing unit—undergo multiple buying journeys. That’s what makes our vision innovative, and daring—even if we do say so ourselves.

This is why we have the confidence to tell our clients how they need to transform, and why. We’re modelling how B2B will look in three years’ time, and working to realise those strategies in the present. We’re not only interested in figuring out our customers’ quotas in the here and now, but also in galvanising change from the bottom up throughout their organisations to deliver the quota of tomorrow, and stay ahead of the business experience imperative of 2025.

We’re looking for the brightest lights in B2B marketing to breathe life into our vision

As MOI Global grows both in size and reputation, we have the scope and resources to bring on board only the finest in B2B. And as our clients go digital-first, so our recruitment needs are shifting, too. We’re looking for people who might not consider themselves typical agency recruits: experts from Big Tech, consultancies, and even from within our clients. It’s a necessary step change as we build out the agency of the future. We want the strategic specialists, the marketing gurus, the creative heroes, the best in their fields to synergise our journey to redefining B2B by 2025. Here’s looking at you, kid.

We recruit the people who are skilful, responsible, motivated, reliable, and resourceful, then nurture them to realise their full potential. We’re committed to pushing our high achievers to flourish and achieve meaningful, ambitious goals—both personal and professional.

Do you have what it takes to join us as we become a different type of agency, and effect real,
long-lasting change for our diverse customers across the world?

If you’re a creative problem solver and collaborative team player with a consultative, outside-the-box mindset, we want to hear from you today. Whatever makes you different, bring it to us—and together we’ll turn the heads that count in B2B.

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