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MOI Global welcomes Chris Wiseman as Vice President, GTM, APAC

As the business landscape evolves, MOI Global pioneers a strategic shift in its approach to integrated marketing solutions with the appointment of Chris Wiseman as the new VP, GTM, APAC.

Recognised for his track record in bringing diverse disciplines together to create innovative solutions, Wiseman’s expertise aligns seamlessly with MOI Global’s commitment to crafting Turning HeadsTM solutions that drive B2B growth.

In an ever-changing market, where the traditional model of creative agencies is giving way to a more integrated approach, B2B marketing is breaking down siloes.

Brands are increasingly recognising the value of integrating core services, leading to a heightened demand for comprehensive solutions.

MOI Global stands at the forefront of this transformative journey, and with Wiseman on board, the company is poised to elevate its go-to-market strategies to new heights.

Chris Wiseman said: “I am excited to have joined MOI as the B2B marketing landscape is shifting. Increasingly the need is beyond just getting leads, but instead looking at how we take potential customers from awareness to purchase while bringing the marketing, sales, and partner channels together to support it. At MOI – with our capabilities in media, demand, content, creative, and events – I feel we can build solutions and programs that answer this challenge.”

Chris Wiseman brings over a decade of experience from organisations such as ADA Asia, Sitecore and Ogilvy.

At ADA Asia, a Telco with data from 350 million customers, he played a pivotal role in designing, building, and scaling a Marketing Technology business unit that allowed them to offer end-to-end customer journeys.

For Sitecore he worked to create a partner-first approach, redefining the GTM strategy for the APAC region by focusing on enablement, joined-up sales, solution plays and joint marketing.

At Ogilvy, he bridged a gap between consulting and technology. This led to the establishment of a UX business in Singapore and beyond, wherein he helped to craft processes and capabilities. Prior to spearheading this initiative, he contributed in a consulting capacity, focusing on channel, digital, and business strategy – contributing to the agency’s positioning in the landscape.

Chris Wiseman’s appointment marks a pivotal moment for MOI Global as it continues to push boundaries, offering clients transformative and integrated marketing solutions.

Matt Stevens, CEO of MOI Global, said: “Connecting the customer experience requires harmony across technology, data, content, and channels. Chris will bring his wealth of experience to help our customers strike the right balance, and in doing so, build towards the integrated GTM solutions that will drive growth for them.”

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