I did have another title for this blog: “Same same, but different”, but when I had a proper, honest think about it, I decided it was far too weak and didn’t get across what I really feel. Besides, you probably wouldn’t have clicked on it.

I’ll politely call it Content Fatigue, but in truth, I’m feeling more and more like the guy in this video (don’t watch if you’re squeamish) every time I see another link to something telling me what 2015 will hold for marketers, or what lessons we learned in 2014. Aaaarrrgghhh!

If I was older, I’d blame my age (everyone gets to a point where they feel like they’ve seen it all before). Or maybe it’s my career stage. Or the career I’ve chosen. I’m not saying I know it all, by any means. I love to learn, and I always am, but it’s getting harder and harder to find things that both grab my attention and keep my interest.

Am I alone in thinking that there’s not much that’s new in marketing these days since the last boom of social media? I read a post recently that bemoaned the fact that Social Media 1.0 is done. So OK, where’s it going next? True, there are a lot of technologies we’re seeing at the moment that are either new or in development (Google Glass, wearables, etc), but these were never built for marketing. Where are all the great new marketing ideas?

Increasingly, I’ve been coming to the conclusion that people are basically saying the same thing – just repurposing it in a slightly different way. Is no one brave enough to do something new? Are we all talking the talk but not walking the walk?

How are we to get out of this mire of humdrum BS?


Start by not writing for writing’s sake. If it’s not interesting, don’t say it, don’t email it, don’t post it, and for goodness sake don’t link to it. Don’t try to give people sales documents thinly disguised as research reports. If you’re going to give away content, make sure it’s real IP. And forget your brand. If you’re honest, you’ll realise that no one really cares about it. They care about their own issues, their own challenges and their own problems. You need to help fix them.

What’s worst is someone has probably already said/written, emailed/posted this to you before… Sorry. But maybe you’re the one brave enough to do something about it. If you are, then the world’s your oyster, because nobody else is.


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