Some Fresh Perspective

Next stop: Gold for B2B Agency of the Year in Singapore

Since childhood, be it in academics or in sports, society has conditioned us to believe that winning is everything and that first place is best. But the fact of the matter is this: runner-ups are champions in the making. Less than a year ago, we won bronze for Marketing Magazine’s B2B Agency of the Year, […]

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Intuition? It’s Actually a Data-Driven Decision.

As an APAC marketer, I’m sure you’ve noticed how the B2B marketing game has evolved rapidly in the region over the past few years, especially with the rising prominence of data and intelligence.  That’s exactly what we’ll be covering at B2B 360, our inaugural B2B marketing summit held on the 24th of July 2018 in […]

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F**k ABM, it’s data-driven marketing

Matt Stevens has had enough of marketers abusing the term ‘Account Based Marketing’. Instead, he proposes a new label that describes what we’re really doing…data-driven marketing.

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