Software AG

Disrupt Club Campaign

Social Selling

Driving a pipeline of €multi-million deal opportunities for Software AG

The Context

The overall objectives of the Disrupt Club campaign were to position Software AG as the challenger seller that’s able to guide digital transformation mobilisers within organisations through thought leadership, and to build stronger relationships with individuals and communities.

The Challenge

How do you support those tasked with digitally transforming their organisations when they know what they need to do, but not how? How do you position your brand as the hero they turn to when there are so many competing voices?

The Solution

Our research made it clear that businesses already know digital transformation can support business growth. But, failing to deliver their vision, digital leaders are forced to seek advice from many, disparate sources in their attempts to change the attitudes of their organisations.

So we created Disrupt Club. It’s the digital platform where Software AG connects with previously elusive targets, building stronger customer and prospect relationships than ever before by supporting their journeys with fresh research, ‘hero content’, and always-on engagement and discussion on the latest news, views and issues while bringing together diverse communities.

Disrupt Club isn’t for everyone, but for those who don’t fear change, for those who see technology as opportunity, and for those happy to lead the chase, it’s the place to turn digital innovation into business advantage.

The Results

C-suite level connections made
Meetings generated so far

With the programme up and running in the UK and Nordic regions, we’ve targeted 215 individuals at a C-suite level, in 6 separate countries. Of those 215, we’ve made connections with 63, so far leading to five separate meetings, opening up a pipeline of €multi-million deal opportunities.

C-suite connections include individuals from Diageo, IKEA, Lego, Scania, Volvo, Rolls Royce, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, McDonalds, AIB, and Vodafone.

Optimising my LinkedIn profile, and engaging through The Disrupt Club programme, has proven the catalyst for me to do business with a broad range of C-level executives who have been completely elusive until now.
Chris Richards – previously Software AG UK&I Managing Director