Power Lead
NXT event
18:30 - 21:00
4th June 2019
Covent Garden Hotel
London, UK

Earlier in the year, B2BNXT delved into the science behind decision-making – and how, by combining knowledge of human behaviour with data insights, you can learn the motivations of individual customers. Now it’s time to shine the spotlight on creativity, as we look at how it can be used to influence the brain’s hard-wired processes and persuade people to buy.

Creativity is not only for the creatives,
it's the responsibility of us all!

At B2BNXT: Putting Creativity in the Spotlight, we’ll be exploring how to bring creativity into everything you do, from design and data to digital activation. That’s because it takes more than science to turn heads in a saturated market. Even with the data insights that are available to marketers today, creativity remains at the heart of any successful B2B marketing campaign.

Cracked rock edge, cables poking out of the cracks Cracked rock edge, cables poking out of the cracks


Tim Reid
Multi Award Winning Comedy Writer | Best known for co-creating the BAFTA winning sitcom, CAR SHARE
Brian Macreadie
Head Of Marketing | Addleshaw Goddard
Kate Baker
Senior Marketing Manager | NetSkope
It was a great evening and the speakers and the hosts made it very educational. A lot of the content has given me food for thought and I will be sharing the learning with our sales teams.
Digital Marketing Manager, Telefónica UK
The buyer behaviour event was really interesting and fun to attend. It brought things to my attention that I hadn’t thought about before, but I will now!
Head of Global Marketing, EDM Group
Thank you MOI. I really enjoyed the evening and found some valuable insights which I’ve shared with our marketing team, sales managers, chairman and director. Looking forward to the next event.
Marketing Manager, Excitech

Why Attend

Discover how to create head-turning marketing campaigns by applying creativity to the science behind our inner decision-making processes. You’ll hear from top creatives and B2B marketing leaders on how they influenced their target audiences by delivering something uniquely creative in their campaigns.

You'll learn

What we mean by creativity and how to unleash your creative genius

How to use the creative process to tap into the emotions of your audience

Why it’s important to create unique content and digital experiences to influence engagement

How to apply creativity to the whole user journey

Venue Details

Covent Garden Hotel
10 Monmouth Street
London, WC2H 9HB, UK