Can you smell that?

Yep, that’s the smell of dull, insipid social copy.

And you know what? It’s stinking out the joint.

But it’s okay. I like you. And I know that with a little fine tuning, your copy will be smelling finer than potpourri on a Sunday roast.

See, social is all about connections.

Except with B2B, you’re often not talking to a huge, faceless audience. You’re talking to a small pool of key individuals – stakeholders with big budgets and small attention spans.

You’ve got one chance to make an impression. And you need to make it count.

Every day I read B2B social copy that has the potential to be good, but is surrounded by a flabby exterior of superfluous fluff.

I call it writing that’ll give you diabetes – all waffle and baloney.

And the frustrating thing is, with a little editing, that copy can become truly head turning.

So, just for you, here are three ways to instantly improve what you’ve written.

Stop Being So…English

Politeness is one thing, but the barrage of trepid model verbs and adverbs I see crowbarred into Linkedin connection messages can feel overwhelming.

‘You may find this interesting’
‘I think this could improve your bottom line’
‘I really do understand how much of a problem xxx is’

Just yuck.

You’re trying to connect with your prospect, not sleep with them. This kind of writing just comes across as saccharine. Or even worse, insecure.

Try this:

‘You will find this interesting’
‘This will improve your bottom line’
‘I know how much of a problem xxx is’

Say it how it is. You owe it to your prospects.

Cut the Corporate Jargon

Your prospect isn’t a machine. They may work in B2B, but they go on holidays and sleep and eat jam sandwiches just like you and me.

Thought Leader

Do you get excited by these words?

No, they get on your nerves.

And chances are, they also get on the nerves of your preserve-eating prospect.

Instead, use these:


Remember, your prospect is on the edge of their seat – not because they’re rivetted, but because they want to leave.

Every stodgy word is a barrier to them getting to the CTA.

So unpick your sentences’ knots, swap out the jargon, and make sure everything reads buttery smooth.

Don’t Be Too Zany

‘Course, some writers swing the other way, writing like they’re just too cool for B2B.

ABM ninja
Content rockstar
Marketing wizard
B2B unicorn

If you’re actually selling AI solutions to mythical horses, be my guest.

But chances are your prospect has seen it all before. And your chirpy brand of unsolicited quirkiness will come across as attention-seeking and desperate.

Check out Mailchimp for a great example of how to sound fresh without being zany. (Yeah, I have a thing for sexy style guides…)


There’s a subtext to all your social interactions.

I’ve got shit I want you to buy.

The more you try to obfuscate this, the more perfidious you’ll seem. So stop trying to hide your intentions. Cut the pseudo charm, the cloying compliments.

Your job is to be clear, courteous, and concise.

In B2B, clarity is king.

Treat prospects like humans.

Speak to them how’d you’d speak in real life.

And the rewards you reap will be sweeter than a jam sandwich.

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