Data is King.

Yes, in today’s digital world, while data is great for providing statistics on audience behaviour, it’s more crucial to possess the creative and analytical thinking to draw conclusions and turn it into actionable insights.

And just like David Ogilvy’s “the freedom of a tight brief”, at MOI, we believe that information never restricts thinking. Instead, it taxes the imagination and allows room for head-turning, innovative ideas

So the way I see it, merging data and creativity is key to achieving a 360 audience engagement journey – which is exactly what we’ll be covering at B2B 360, our inaugural B2B marketing summit held on 24 July 2018 in Singapore.

Should data really be a ‘dirty’ word for creatives?  

Today, we’re exposed to about 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day – about 5 times more information than we did 30 years ago.

With such sensory overload, the attention span of your average audiences have reduced and advertising ‘white-noises’ are being filtered out, especially with ad blockers. This makes it all the more important to be disruptive and capture your audiences at the right moment, right place, with the right message – something that intent data can definitely help with.

Netflix’s House of Cards is a great example of how data can be used to augment great creative decisions. By analysing viewer data, executives at the streaming giant were able to make a more informed decision about investing millions upfront, without having watched a single episode.

Data + creative is your way to the pot of gold

From the iconic #LikeAGirl campaign to Uber’s end of year data visualisation campaign, we’ve seen numerous consumer brands master the data + creativity strategy. So it’s time for us to stop echoing the sentiment that they are irrelevant to each other.

In fact, there’s probably no one who does it better than Spotify, honestly. And it’s why we have Joanna Wong, Head of Business Marketing, APAC, as our keynote speaker, to share more about what inspired their 2018 Goals campaign.

There’s still the big, looming question: as marketers today, how do we continue being creative in a data-driven world? The answer: remember that it’s still a human experience.

What this means is no longer studying consumer data in a vacuum. When it comes to developing daring creative, the serendipitous nature of data provides insights that look beyond the standard fields like age and gender, giving you golden nuggets of information that help shape a unique and meaningful story.

For more BS-free insights on the power of transforming customer data into impactful creative, register here.

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