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One year. Three outstanding B2BNXT events. And countless insights from the trailblazers lighting up our industry. So, what have we learned over the last 365 days?

Firstly, we’ve seen how data-driven means nothing without a dollop of creativity. We’ve heard how personalisation is so much more than inserting a name into a subject line. And we’ve found that, at its core, the difference between B2B and B2C is little more than a letter.

More than anything though, we’ve discovered that people are people – even (supposedly) boring B2B folks with suits and complicated job titles. And in a connected future, success lies in connecting with our customers on a far deeper level.

This DigiBook summarises the five headline insights from across our three B2BNXT events. From buyer psychology to the creative process, we’ll examine how to successfully marry right brain and left brain thinking, and build a customer journey that’s truly fit for the digital age.

Read all this year’s insights here:

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