Isabelle Azadmanesh
Account Manager
Sarah Sketchley
Account Director
Marilin Ashotyan
Senior Account Executive
Juliet Hilditch
Chief Copywriter
Kira-Lea Crabtree
Content Marketing Executive
sweeter than
more exciting
than roller coasters,
lots of work,
and creativity,
music, talent, awesomeness
all around!
Katie Royce
Account Director
Ben Chown
Account Executive
Fiona Handley
Rosie Bloxham
Senior Account Executive
Nick Beaumont
Kayleigh Griffith
Event Manager
Working with
Moving mountains to
head turning
marketing campaigns
Oliver Budworth
Planning Director
Paul Barnes
Full Stack Developer
Natasha Glassey
Event Operations Director
Oliver Hinkley
Account Executive
Laura Nolan
Business Development Director
Justin Des Vignes
Senior Designer
Jessica Hinchliffe
Events and Marketing Director
Emma Murphy
Senior Account Manager
Lizzie McCann
Senior Event Executive
Phil Payne
Graham Sharp
Strategic Planning Director
Laura Goodey
Account Director
Hayley Norman
Event Director
Mark Wilson
Art Director
Andrew Robertson
Andrea Allen
Global Operations Director
Lee Wisedale
Global Creative Director
Emma Stratford
Senior Account Manager
Abi Shore
Junior Producer
Emma Callender
Event Executive
Barry Killick
Creative Director
Stephanie Payne
Office Assistant
David Haward
Matthew Stevens
Managing Director
Natasha Keith
Digital Marketing Manager
Hollie Axten
Senior Account Manager
Honey Rogers
Account Executive
Stuart Victor
Client Services Director
Daniel Garlick
Junior Copywriter
Tam Xu
Event Director
Esther Ng
Senior Account Manager
Al Cadena
Client Planning Director
Azli Sabtu
Senior Account Executive
Mega Yessy
Client Operations Manager
Aisyah Begum
Jonathan Seto
Client Director
Clarissa Lim
Digital Designer
Teresa Goh
Account Manager
Catherine Cheong
Lead Creative
Jenny Conway
Commercial Director