Sage: The Road to Perfection

For micro-businesses, the road to perfection is never smooth, but every new milestone is an opportunity to learn and improve. This video, produced for Sage and Apple, tells the story of one of those micro-businesses, and how having the right partners gives them the energy to create masterpieces.

The Context

Entrepreneurs who run micro-businesses with fewer than ten staff strive to be masters of their craft. They’d also rather work 80 hours a week for themselves than 40 hours a week for somebody else. But trying to do manual, complex finances with a shoebox of receipts and an Excel spreadsheet can sap the desire to craft. It’s energy management not time management that keeps them and their business moving.

The Challenge

To get the attention of this incredibly busy, time-poor audience, Sage and Apple needed a high-impact, high-emotion video. It needed to raise hairs while showing that Sage and Apple understand how accounting, invoicing and expenses make it more difficult for entrepreneurs to create their masterpieces and grow their business.

The Solution

Aligned to Sage’s transition into a more customer-centric brand, the video we produced tells the story of Sage customer and luxury motorcycle luggage brand Malle. It shows that, when you aren’t slowed by financial complexities, you have the energy to craft masterpieces and win new customers.

This is supported by the video’s theme, “many hands make a masterpiece”, which promotes the idea of Sage and its ecosystem of integrated apps acting as your partners.

Fantastic video – great work! It could almost have been something made by Apple! I hope you feel as proud as I do about that comment – the video is excellent. Thank you so much for your patience and wonderful work.


Lizzie Hancock, Sage