The Big HR & Payroll Quiz

The Big HR & Payroll Quiz was never intended to be a hard sell – or any sell, but it stimulated so many positive interactions with the Sage brand that it became one of the most successful elements of MOI’s entire Sage HR and Payroll campaign.

The Context

The Big HR & Payroll quiz was one element of the wider HR & Payroll Hero campaign for Sage, the overall objective of which was to drive global awareness and demand for Sage HR and Payroll solutions.

The Challenge

How do you achieve engagement amongst an audience as diverse as Group Finance Director, Head of HR, or Payroll Executive? How do you spark awareness of your brand amongst those who may not be in an immediate position to buy?

The Solution

Knowing from the campaign research that many of the target audience, although dedicated, felt undervalued for much of what they do, MOI wanted to create a way to give them recognition. Knowing also that “actions change attitudes faster than attitudes change actions”, the team were simultaneously keen to give prospects a positive experience of the Sage brand without selling to them. Enter the Big HR & Payroll Quiz.

Based on the popular personality quiz format, the Sage Quiz is easy, quick to complete, and fun. It invites respondents to discover their work style, assess their key work-based skills, and find out where they rank in the universe of HR and Payroll professionals. Results can instantly be shared and compared with others, giving both recognition and all-important social proof.

The Results
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Increase in MSQLs on previous financial year
Unique Page Views

We’ve never before run a campaign that was so engaging and achieved such impressive conversion rates globally. We’re a small team at Sage with a large number of stakeholders, so we really appreciated MOI’s skill and dedication in helping us achieve 100% adoption in our T1 markets. Plus unexpected penetration into T2!

Joe Edwards, Category Campaign Director, Sage