Red Hat Forum, ASEAN Series

Red Hat was keen to build awareness for their annual customer event ‘Red Hat Forum’ in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. MOI provided an engaging campaign strategy that covered all grounds—both on-site and online—making the event a red hot success with its wide reach and audience participation.

The Context

MOI was tasked to create an event experience that highlighted Red Hat’s position as the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions and increased awareness of Red Hat’s multi-product portfolio, competitive advantage and thought-leadership of key stakeholders.

The Challenge

As the Red Hat ASEAN team had plans to host the event series across regional markets like Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, MOI’s challenge was to design an event experience around the given event theme — one that was versatile enough to extend into the various environments of the different countries.
How do we do achieve that and yet keep our strategy relevant to today’s open source community, thereby achieving a wider audience and participation reach?

From a pre-event survey to on-site engagement activities to post-event follow-ups, MOI’s strategy included touchpoints at every point of the customer journey. This not only allowed us to understand why customers would want to attend the event, but it also provided the Red Hat sales representatives with clear insights into their customers’ needs, equipping them with relevant sales conversation starters.

lead scans at booths and demo showcase
social media reach

At Red Hat, we enjoy working with new partners who bring in fresh ideas and perspectives to our marketing programs. And one of the reasons we partnered with MOI was for their digital and events expertise, as well as their team knowledge. When they presented their ideas, we were pleasantly surprised to see that they were aware of our business needs and expectations. Overall, they brought in a great mix of new ideas and deep understanding to the account.

Juliana Lye, Marketing Manager & Account-Based Marketing, Red Hat ASEAN