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Collaboration, Celebrating Differences, and a Bit of Banter: My First Week at MOI

I’m Amanda, the newest member of MOI’s EMEA copy team. I’ve already learned so much and am really excited for the future. Here are some observations from my first week on the job—and why I’m loving agency life at MOI Global so far.

Collaboration without hierarchy. 

Any concerns I may have had about going from freelance to full-time agency work disappeared the second I joined my first Monday morning huddle over Teams. The copy team structure is so open and collaborative. As a new starter, it was a relief to see that everyone’s main goal is to help each other do their best work. With collaboration comes better copy—and better writers, too. I feel at ease knowing that whenever I need help, it’ll be there. And who wouldn’t want to work in an environment like that?  

Celebrating different.

So far, I’m the only woman (and American!) in our small-but-mighty copy team. But I’m the furthest thing from a statistic. MOI recognizes how experiencing different creates change. Within the copy team, we each have different personal and professional backgrounds. But that’s what makes us great. More perspectives mean more opportunities to learn and grow. I love how I’ve been embraced for exactly who I am. Everyone is open-minded and empathetic, so I can let my word-nerd flag fly high.   

(Word)play every day.  
All work and no play makes copy… well, pretty dull, actually. I love how each month, a member of the copy team sets a writing exercise for us all to complete. The tasks may not be directly work-related, but they’re designed to help us flex our creative muscles and use that Turning Heads™ goodness MOI’s so well known for. It’s super valuable and I love working somewhere that cares about encouraging me to improve my craft.  

Copywriters have feelings, too.  

Everyone works hard, but somehow finds time to have a laugh. It’s great to see an agency keep things so balanced between the personal and professional. I’ve already had some amazing conversations about mental health and work/life balance. It’s amazing to see that translate across the agency—supporting employees through mental and physical wellness initiatives and a commitment to blended working 

I can’t wait to grow creatively, achieve my goals, and turn the heads that count in B2B with an awesome team by my side.  

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