Graduate programme – Weybridge office

Wanted: head-turning graduates!

Think you know what agency graduate schemes are all about?

Go in for a week? Get a chance to do a bit of work on a campaign – even a real one, if you’re lucky? Or maybe just be a bit of a fly on the wall? And then get spat back out? But no worries, it’s something for your CV, right?

That’s not how MOI rolls. We’re a fly-free and saliva-free place of work. There’s no revolving door of graduates coming and going on micro-placements (we keep ‘em locked up).

A week’s not even long enough to learn everyone’s name, so we’re looking for graduates who’ll be spending anywhere from 6 months to a year with us – smiling with us, laughing with us, sweating with us, swearing with us, crying with us, playing with us. Oh, and actually working with us. You’ll be exposed to a team of marketers who know their stuff. They work hard and play harder.

You’ll be working in our Weybridge office, where we have Pizza Friday once a month, a magically-restocking fridge full of all the cans of fizzy you can drink, and to top it all off, we have a pool table – if you impress us by doing a great job we might even let you watch us play!

So what will you actually be doing?

We don’t have a fixed programme. Instead, your role and experiences will be tailored to the department you work in, whether that’s in client services, events, social, digital, or the creative studio.

You’ll be working on real, integrated marketing campaigns that include strategic thinking, research, content creation, creative concepts & messaging, social media, digital, websites, email nurture programmes and more for some of the biggest brands in B2B, including Oracle, Sage, Software AG and Red Hat.

We’re looking for somebody who:

  • Has a degree in marketing, business management, events, digital, social or a related area (well, it is a graduate placement programme)
  • Wants a career in marketing (who wouldn’t?)
  • Understands the B2B tech market (comes in handy, considering all our clients are B2B tech brands)
  • Is bright, creative, and can think for themselves (a smart cookie)
  • Has at least skim-read our website to get an idea of what we’re all about (seriously, how hard could it be?)

Turn our heads

If you’re a graduate who’s serious about a long-term career in marketing and trying to get your foot in the door, turn our heads by showing us why you think you’re the person to help us turn the heads of those who count in B2B. Send us a nice cover letter, your CV, and any portfolio you might have. Be bold. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. Apply here.


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