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The Data Driven Revolution


18:30 – 21:00


Tuesday 25th September 2018


The Andaz Hotel
Liverpool Street


Data is revolutionising the world. If it’s not driving everything you do, can you really call yourself a B2B marketer? It’s disrupting every part of the customer journey, at every single touchpoint, from 1-2-1 to 1-2-many. Any marketing organisation without a data-driven culture is already falling behind.

Collecting, managing and analysing data is a must in the B2B marketing world. The question is, what do you actually do with it?

Build a data-driven culture

Disrupt: The Data Driven Revolution brings together marketing leaders who know how to use data to create game-changing marketing. It will put you ahead at every stage and ensure that your entire marketing organisation is working together to engage, acquire and retain customers.

Why you should attend

Learn how to build a culture where data connects your brand with the right people, at the right moment. Use data to inform everything from behaviours and preferences to insights and intent marketing.

What you can expect

Hear from marketing leaders and expert practitioners on using data intelligently to develop insight-based, ROI-focussed strategies – the building blocks for modern, head-turning marketing.

Learn how to:

  • Develop insight-based, ROI-focussed strategies
  • Get a better understanding of your customers’ buying journey
  • Separate knowledge from data to make better decisions
  • Bridge the gap between sales & marketing to become a data driven organisation
  • Use the latest marketing tech tools to provide valuable insights needed to grow your customer relationships
  • Empower your marketing teams to become data driven marketers

Our Disruptors

Ashleigh Adair
Ashleigh Adair, Insights Analyst, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Ashleigh is a strategic EMEA partner to some of the world’s most renowned enterprise businesses, studying and leveraging LinkedIn’s unique data to uncover powerful insights that fuel the world’s most effective marketing.

Shane Redding
Shane Redding, Digital, Direct and Data Marketing Consultant, Think Direct Ltd & The IDM

Shane is an independent consultant with over 30 years’ international B2B direct & digital marketing experience. Shane provides strategic consultancy and practical training to both end users and DM suppliers with a particular focus on data-driven marketing.

Jat Hayer
Jat Hayer, Vice President of Sales, EMEA, TechTarget

Jat helps B2B marketers use technology to maximise lead generation and improve the effectiveness of events, social media and online advertising.

Matthew Stevens
Matthew Stevens, MD, MOI Global

As MD at MOI Global, Matt leads the way in delivering creative, data-driven marketing campaigns for clients across the B2B technology sector.

Next Event:
Anatomy Of The Modern Marketer


18:30 - 21:00


Tuesday 12th September 2017


QT Hotel, 49 Market St
Sydney NSW 2000


What’s the perfect skill set for a marketer in 2017? Today’s marketers face a unique and demanding set of expectations, yet many are still struggling to be recognised as vital, strategic assets to the business. Despite the fact that their expertise positions them perfectly to shape business strategy as the voice of the customer.


Join our latest Disrupt dinner to discover which professional skills and personal attributes will deliver the greatest impact for your marketing, for business growth, and for your reputation as a strategic driver of that growth. Start right here to make 2017 the year you seriously change perceptions and reinvigorate your role.

The panel will cover:

  • Whether new marketing means we need new skills
  • Finding, retaining and developing the right talent
  • How to meet – and exceed – expectations in 2017
  • Future-proofing your marketing and your career


In association with:


Our Disruptors

Emma Blackburn
Emma Blackburn, Founder and Principal of the Australian College of Marketing (ACM)

Emma has many years marketing and education experience working client side as well as lecturing. She can be found on Twitter: @chartermarketer

Ben Eatwell
Ben Eatwell, Experienced business professional managing successful marketing and sales teams

Ben's mantra is “experiment and improve” and he’s passionate about turning success into scalable processes that transform organisations. He can be found on Twitter: @beneatwell

Duncan Egan
Duncan Egan, Senior executive

Experienced in high-tech marketing with a proven track record that demonstrates leadership of cross-functional teams in fast-paced environments through high energy, collaborative management and exceptional problem solving. He can be found on Twitter: @DuncanEgan

Joanne Jacobs
Joanne Jacobs, Managing Partner, Disruptor's Handbook

Board Member. Public Speaker. Strategist. Learning, technology and innovation. She can be found on Twitter: @joannejacobs

Next Event:
Moving To Intelligence-Driven Marketing


13:30 - 18:00


Tuesday 24th July 2018


Zouk Singapore
3C River Valley Road
The Cannery
Singapore 179022


Ever-evolving, the B2B marketing game in APAC today is a whole different ball game than it was 5 years ago – thanks to changing buyer behaviour, social media and its influencers, and most importantly, the rising prominence of data and intelligence.

B2B 360 brings the marketing community in Singapore together – with like-minded leaders, innovators, and practitioners – to discuss the latest and greatest in the APAC B2B landscape and share insights on how data and intelligence can be leveraged to give you a 360 marketing strategy to move forward, confidently.

Why you should attend

To learn about the opportunities to improve the ROI of your marketing activity through a combination of data + creative.

What you can expect

You’ll hear from industry experts on the ideas, tactics, and tools driving change in the B2B industry.


Hyper-targeted marketing. Game-changing advertising. That’s the 360-degree effect of combining creativity and data. From the likes of Spotify and Netflix, we’ve seen the power of crunching customer data and cleverly transforming it into daring creative that brings the modern buyer journey full circle. Sounds great, but how exactly can you pull this off in B2B for APAC?

The Singapore B2B 360 marketing summit keeps it real with insights and best practices from fellow B2B marketing leaders, innovators and practitioners to help you Cut the BS and get straight to building data-driven customer engagement with a 360-degree view – connecting your brand with the right people, in the right moment.


13:30 – Registration

13:45 – Welcome and introduction – Matthew Stevens, Global MD, MOI


Creating data-driven customer experiences

Joanna Wong, Head of Business Marketing, Asia Pacific, Spotify

14:30 – Leveraging AI & Machine Learning in today’s data-driven world

Jodie Sangter, CMO Liaison Lead, IBM Watson

15:15 – Break

15:30Data and how to use analytics in real-time marketing

Mimrah Mahmood, APAC Director for Media Solutions, Meltwater

16:00The new demand stack: from 1-2-1 to 1-2-many

16:30 – Break

16:45Panel discussion:

The new normal for B2B: right place, time and message

Bernard Tan, Regional Director, Marketing, APAC, Red Hat

Mukkul Dasgupta, Head of Insights & Analytics (APAC), LinkedIn

17:30 – Q&A and wrap-up

17:45 – Networking drinks reception



Joanna Wong
Joanna Wong, Head of Business Marketing APAC, Spotify

Having previously worked at Sky Germany, MTV, HBO and Canon, Joanna now develops effective B2B marketing strategies for Spotify that drive revenue and increase brand awareness, and helps with lead generation, conversion and retention programmes across APAC.

Jodie Sangster
Jodie Sangster, CMO Liaison Lead, IBM Watson

Currently APAC CMO Liaison Lead for IBM Watson Customer Engagement, Jodie is a leading data-driven marketing specialist and qualified lawyer with over 20 years’ experience across the US, Europe and APAC regions.

Bernard Tan
Bernard Tan, Regional Director of Marketing, APAC, Red Hat

With over 18 years’ experience in technology, data analytics business modelling & strategies, and creative data-driven marketing across global and APAC markets, Bernard drives Red Hat’s go-to-market strategies, branding, public relations and channel marketing.

Mimrah Mahmood
Mimrah Mahmood, APAC Director for Media Solutions, Meltwater

With over 10 years’ experience in Software-as-a-Service, Mimrah helps organisations across APAC create best-in-class frameworks for PR and marketing reporting, and advises leading companies on data tracking, competitive intelligence and actionable insights.

Mukkul Dasgupta
Mukkul Dasgupta, Head of Insights (APAC) LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn

With over 10 years’ experience in product management and development, Mukkul now helps marketers better understand the power of the LinkedIn platform in meeting business and marketing objectives by using data to drive smart decision-making and increase ROI.

Next Event:
ABM without the BS


14:30 - 17:30


Thursday 19th April 2018


The Marker Hotel,
501 Geary St,
San Francisco, CA 94102


Account-Based Marketing (or Pursuit Marketing, Targeted Marketing – whatever you want to call it) is nothing new. But there’s growing interest, with a number of organisations starting or developing ABM practices. So who’s making the rules? No one. There isn’t one practical definition of ABM, how to do it or what the right technology is. Until now.

At MOI we’ve tried, tested and tweaked a framework that solidifies best practice from our years of experience and renowned experts Demandbase and SiriusDecisions.

We’ll be letting you in on the secrets of ABM at this interactive workshop.


Join our exclusive, interactive workshop for a step-by-step guide to building an ABM strategy that can be put into action right away. During the session you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose the right ABM approach
  • Define your strategy using the ‘5 stages to ABM success’ framework
  • Align sales and marketing objectives through an interactive learning experience
  • Report on ABM success, ROI and KPIs
  • Do it like the experts, with real-life examples of the best and worst in ABM

Our Disruptors

Caroline Lotinga
Caroline Lotinga, Client Strategy Director at MOI

A B2B IT and Technology expert with over 10 years of marketing experience, Caroline is MOI’s highly-skilled Client Strategy Director. As an ABM pro, she’ll be leading the discussion.

  • It was a great evening and the speakers and the hosts made it very educational. A lot of the content has given me food for thought and I will be sharing the learning with our sales teams.
    Digital Marketing Manager, Telefónica UK
  • The buyer behaviour event was really interesting and fun to attend. It brought things to my attention that I hadn’t thought about before, but I will now!
    Head of Global Marketing, EDM Group
  • Thank you MOI. I really enjoyed the evening and found some valuable insights which I’ve shared with our marketing team, sales managers, chairman and director. Looking forward to the next event.
    Marketing Manager, Excitech

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