Another successful MOI YouTube Thursday evening, another MOIYTT blog. We had a whole range of heart-tugging, beautiful, well thought out video submissions this month and it was all narrowed down to 30 minutes of viewing plus 15 minutes of fast discussions to eke out exactly why the audience liked one over the other.

And like any discussion with ten plus members, we had a plethora of ideas come through, why one worked, while another didn’t, what made the client take this leap of faith with their agency and what makes something go really viral.

So without much further ado, here are the top three videos that made the cut at our second MOIYTT.

If you’re active on social media, there’s a very small chance that you would have missed this one – it went viral about a month ago (yes, probably around Valentine’s Day) and is very relevant given the cultural climate in the world today.

I won’t lie, there were a few sniffles and teary eyes in our little ‘creative den’ while watching it. And while this isn’t a traditional ‘marketing’ video, it is an example of how hitting the spot on emotions and stripping it right back to the bones (pardon the pun) is what great creatives are all about. The subject resonates with humanity and that’s where the sweet spot for ‘virality’ lies, especially in a social sphere where there’s so much noise.

Speaking of noise and cutting through it, we were at the B2BInTech event earlier this week, and had the pleasure of listening to John Watton from Adobe who spoke about science and emotions in B2B marketing. This next video (by Adobe) shows how B2B marketing does not need to be boring, can be, hell, must be humourous and this clever one minute vid is all about that.

There was quite a bit of talk of being brave at the event, and in fact, Joe Edwards has written a blog on it here and there is something to be said about being different in the current scenario – One of the most important message this video sends is that as a brand, you must have the courage of your convictions and be brave if you need to stand out. It’s funny, it’s disruptive and it resonates completely with its target audience. One of the comments that came out during our MOIYTT session was that most clients want to be brave, but are too scared and in those times, it’s up to the agencies to convince their clients (while ensuring there’s a certain amount of trust on both sides).

This last video wowed everyone with its beautiful imagery and brilliant piece of product demonstration. I think everyone would agree that Samsung gets it right every time. It’s beautiful, it shows all the plus points of the product, as ads should and it wows the audience, which to me is probably the most important aspect of any piece of marketing or advertising. In this day and age where everyone is trying to be different (and possibly failing), it takes a lot for a short piece of video to make an impact. And no doubt, Samsung’s ad does that.

And with that, our second MOIYTT came to a successful finish. Sadly (only for me), there was no Salad Fingers this time round as everyone was pretty horrified by its content, and might I add, continued to talk about it for a whole month! Now, that’s the power of video, don’t you think?

See the full playlist here.




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